Fine Art Fashions

Jessie ZhaoI am always looking for the art in fashion, and Jessie Zhao’s collection at New York Style Week was able to combine music, art, dance, and fashion into a beautiful package.

Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw
Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw

The presentation began with incredible sounds coming from a violin. You could feel how much the violinist loved her instrument and when the interpretive dancer started moving with the violin music, we were already feeling drawn into the collection.

The violinist, Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw, created so much emotion that you just wanted the playing to go on forever. The music enhanced the mood of the collection and made it easy to appreciate the barefoot models gliding down the runway in soft flowing outfits.

The decorative designs of the collection are full of plants and geometrical shapes that are printed from original hand drawings. The designs remind us to enjoy the beauty and art in nature and shapes. Zhao’s designs also remind us that fashion can be comfortable. Click here to take a closer look at the entire collection.

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