Donna Wilson
Donna Wilson

My Vision

As a history major, I know that every conversation begins with an image. The image starts out as a statement. As the image is shared, it is open to interpretation. There is always a story, there is always history. While history is created by those that write it down, by the winners, an image provides another way to document events and people. An image provides a way to tell alternate stories and to engage in conversation.

My Story

I’ve always taken snapshots to document things around me. As a scuba diver, my goal was to take pictures and identify the things I saw while underwater. But my passion for photography started when I transitioned from film to digital. There was, and still is, a lot to learn about photography and the things I see in the world. I hope that “curiosity didn’t kill the cat”; because I’m just curious now. I want to see more and find out more about people, places, and things, This site is a place to start conversations about the things I see and the little things I discover (or just take the time to notice and ask a question or two). As I slow down and enjoy life, I have time to notice things and ask questions; or at least “google it”. Everyone needs to take the time to interpret what they hear, see and read. As I share my discoveries with you, I will try to include links so you can make your own discoveries.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my world. My plan is to share the following types of stories:

Travel Tuesdays – for travel within the past two years

Wildlife Wednesdays – for animals, wildlife, landscapes and seascapes

Travel Thursdays – for travel memories – places I’ve been and places I want to return to

Fashion Fridays – since I’m addicted to the runway – just want to share highlights from some of the many Fashion Weeks

That leaves me three more days – not sure what I’ll post on those days yet or if I will post anything – posting four days a week will take a lot of discipline.

If you want to see what I’m up to on instagram, you can follow me at  Imagez or headshots.

If you love taking pictures, join me at gurushots for fun photo challenges that help improve your eye and skills.