My Vision

As a history major, I know that every conversation begins with an image. The image starts as a statement. As the image is shared, it is open to interpretation. There is always a story, there is always history. While history is created by those that write it down, by the winners, an image provides another way to document events and people. An image provides a way to tell alternate stories and to engage in conversation.


My Story

I’ve always taken snapshots to document things around me. As a scuba diver, my goal was to take pictures and identify the things I saw while underwater. But my passion for photography started when I transitioned from film to digital. There was, and still is, a lot to learn about photography and the things I see in the world. I hope that “curiosity didn’t kill the cat”; because I’m just curious now. I want to see more and find out more about people, places, and things, This site is a place to start conversations about the things I see. I will try to include links so you can make your own discoveries.

Instagram for Imagez or for headshots