Under the Ocean in Papua New Guinea

Part two of my post on Papua New Guinea takes you underwater for a few of my favorite images. The featured image is a Christmas Tree Worm. The worms most distinct features are two “crowns” shaped like Christmas trees used for feeding and respiration. The tube worms suck in their crowns when startled. Remember the scene in Avatar? Enjoy the slideshow and have a Merry Christmas!!

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Ocean and Skies of PNG

My Thursday Travel Memories begin with my transition from film to digital cameras. In September 2006, I took a 21 day trip to Papua New Guinea (“PNG”). Ten of those days were on a liveaboard dive boat, the remainder in the highlands. This will be the first in a series of posts regarding the trip. There are too many memories. I’m glad this blog is forcing me to take a look back. I can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten. I will definitely be putting together photo books of my trips from now on. Today I just want to share the view from the dive boat and a couple of images from Loloata Island Resort (which is now under redevelopment and will re-open in 2018).

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Lunchtime for an Egret

After all the fashion shows during New York Fashion Week, I had to take a break. Central Park seemed to be a perfect destination for a first-time visitor to New York to spend the day. After walking through the park and enjoying the zoo, I stopped at Wollman Rink. I watched a Snowy Egret for an hour or two then went looking for food. I found a crepe food truck, bought a savory and a sweet crepe, and returned to the rink. The egret walked along the edge of the pond in front of me. I finished my lunch and started taking pictures again when he popped up with a small fish. I watched as he moved the fish around in his beak and then, he dropped it. I guess there were just too many distractions. He started hunting again but didn’t catch another fish while I was there.

Trash in the RinkOne thing that I did notice was the trash in the rink. Granted there were no trash cans around the rink and the vendor where I purchased my crepes didn’t have a trash can near his food truck – but remember the environment and take your trash with you – I found trash cans right outside of the park.

Following is a reprint of a post about the first Snowy Egret I saw in 2013 at the Japanese Gardens in Van Nuys.

This immature SSnowy white egretnowy Egret (Egretta thula, PELECANIFORMES, ARDEIDAE) was walking along the edge of a building, at the Japanese Gardens when I captured him. As I processed the image, I was puzzled to see two birds, but then realized it was his reflection in the window. (It’s great to be surprised!!!)

“Among the most elegant of the herons, the slender Snowy Egret sets off immaculate white plumage with black legs and brilliant yellow feet. Those feet seem to play a role in stirring up or herding small aquatic animals as the egret forages. Breeding Snowy Egrets grow filmy, curving plumes that once fetched astronomical prices in the fashion industry, endangering the species. Early conservationists rallied to protect egrets by the early twentieth century, and this species is once again a common sight in shallow coastal wetlands.” The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

**This is my first post for my Wednesday Wildlife series. I just needed a place to share all of the animals I learn about as I travel around.

Janelle Funari

When I look back on Janelle Funari’s show for New York Style Week September 2017, I remember the warmth, the quiet energy, and the confidence of the models. I remember how the clothes allowed the models to move. There was a sense of freedom. Janelle Funari believes that “fashion can inspire and should be exhibited as an art form”.

One of the reasons I’m addicted to the runway is the art of fashion. This collection contained many moving art forms. Below are a few of my favorites. You can see the entire collection here.  Another reason I’m addicted to the runway is that it provides inspiration for my portrait photography business. The runway provides many ideas for makeup, hair, poses and color palettes for the upcoming season. To see my runway headshots visit my instagram account donnawilsonphotography.

Happy Halloween from the Runway

Fashion Designers at NY Style Week weren’t interested in Halloween, but they were inspired by their presentations.

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Using masks, makeup and clothing they pull the presentations together with creative attention to details. I love the possibilities. That’s why I’m still addicted to the runway.

Fine Art Fashions

Jessie ZhaoI am always looking for the art in fashion, and Jessie Zhao’s collection at New York Style Week was able to combine music, art, dance, and fashion into a beautiful package.

Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw
Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw

The presentation began with incredible sounds coming from a violin. You could feel how much the violinist loved her instrument and when the interpretive dancer started moving with the violin music, we were already feeling drawn into the collection.

The violinist, Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw, created so much emotion that you just wanted the playing to go on forever. The music enhanced the mood of the collection and made it easy to appreciate the barefoot models gliding down the runway in soft flowing outfits.

The decorative designs of the collection are full of plants and geometrical shapes that are printed from original hand drawings. The designs remind us to enjoy the beauty and art in nature and shapes. Zhao’s designs also remind us that fashion can be comfortable. Click here to take a closer look at the entire collection.

Pia Gladys Perey at New York Fashion Week

It was, Un Nuit Avec Elle (“A Night With Her”), Pia Gladys Perey (“PGP”).

Pia’s solo show at the Craven during New York Fashion Week says a lot about the designer and her desire to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. We had a chance to meet the mother of four who proudly wears a tattoo of the place where all four of her children were born.

Pia's Tattoo
Pia’s Tattoo

We had a chance to see the energy and passion she puts into her designs and her brand. A chance to see her attention to detail and caring spirit.

Moving to Australia from the Philippines, Pia interned for a design house where she honed her craft. Pia’s talent and hard work did not go unnoticed and she was encouraged to submit her designs to Mercedes Benz Austrailian Fashion Week 2007. With only 12 slots available she didn’t think she would get in, but she did. When faced with the challenge of finding the money necessary to take part in the show, she didn’t give up. Pia found a way to get the money by asking companies to sponsor her, and one did.

In 2010, while pregnant with twins, she participated in Miami Fashion Week. Another company gave her an opportunity to create a design for her first major client, Angelina Jolie. She has been on the fast track ever since. Taking advantage of all of the opportunities offered to her and meeting the challenges in her own way, Pia continues to create and maintain a quality collection. Her fashions are a statement piece, a staple item to have in your wardrobe that is sexy, classic and simple. She creates fashion “to make a woman feel good”.

Shape Campaign
Shape Campaign

In celebration of her 10th year in business, Pia’s new collection represents her launch of the Shape Campaign with something in her collection for every body type because “every woman deserves to feel good about their body.”

Pia has recently opened her own factory in the Philippines where she continues to work hard to be a premium design house while promoting her vision.

“This collection is about the woman and her choices in life, including her choice of dress. To the PGP lady, it is not about the grand entrance. Instead, her quiet power and presence will linger in your memory and stay there to be remembered as the epitome of beauty and mystery.”


Pia continues to gather supporters for her brand; including:

  • Fashion 360 Magazine
  • Rachel Mulherin who provided all of the jewelry to accessorize Pia’s Designs, and
  • Super Model, Ms. Millen Magese who made a comeback after giving birth eight weeks ago and who agreed to model the closing outfit for the show after hearing about the Shape Campaign that aligns with Ms. Magese’s own mission to empower women.

Pia’s designs are now available in 11 countries and you can also purchase them from her website – www.piagladysperey.com.


Ionica Moldovianu
Ionica Moldovianu

These are just a few of the designs that Ionica Moldovianu presented on the first day of Style Fashion Week New York 2017.

I first fell in love with Ionica’s designs in October 2016. This collection is even more interesting. I loved the simplicity and the textured fabrics. It was also nice to see the bold red print outfits and those unconventional black pants. Overall, a fun collection while still being sophisticated and classy.




Malan Breton Opens StyleFWNY

New York Style Fashion Week opened at the Intrepid Museum on September 7th with Malan Breton, a self-taught designer from Taipei, Taiwan. Malan’s show was a high energy stream of male and female fashions. The incredible fabrics and detailing made each piece stand out in unique ways. I am so glad I have video because the entire collection was full of masterpieces. I just want to share a few of my favorites.

Anet wearing Malan Breton StyleFWNY
Anet wearing Malan Breton StyleFWNY


Rebecca at Model Casting

For Day Two of Style Fashion Week Model Casting, I decided to focus on one model and her dream. Rebecca Burroughs, the youngest of four girls, is taking a year off from college to pursue her modeling dream. Waiting in line for the casting provides a natural networking event. 







The street art I noticed the day before seemed a good place to snap a photo.

Street Art
Street Art

The casting process is short and a place for hope and dreams. Even this 82-year-old actress decided to try.  It was nice to see models sharing advice and information about other castings and their experiences. Once you get inside, you check-in on the computer, place your comp cards on the table and get a chance to sit down for a minute until it’s your time to walk.

Style Fashion Week Model Casting
Style FW Model Casting
Comp Card Table
Comp Card Table
Networking and Advice
Networking and Advice







Kuro Obi - Ippudo East Village
Kuro Obi – Ippudo East Village







After the Model Casting, Rebecca and I walked to Ippudo East Village where I tried authentic Hakata tonkotsu pork soup (Ramen) and some wonderful little pork buns.

Union Square Park
Union Square Park







We hung out in Union Square Park all day talking and watching people. Rebecca is a voracious reader so we also spent some time at Barnes & Noble; took a quick run through Sephora and a stop at Starbucks.

We said our goodbyes at the subway station. I’m looking forward to another shoot with Rebecca with hair, makeup, and a few outfit changes. I hope she gets chosen to walk in this season’s style fashion week so I can get some images of her on the runway. Thank you, Rebecca, for showing me some of your city and sharing so much of your time with me.

Rebecca Burroughs
Rebecca Burroughs